About Us


GAYA BELIAN SDN BHD (1023300U) is a wholly family-owned Bumiputera company based in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Gaya Belian is established to develop and implement high quality projects with emphasis on innovative solutions providing value engineering to ensure delivery. Our philosophy is to offer unique homes and buildings with aesthetically well designed layout and contemporary architecture. Gaya Belian management team engages with partners and consultants who are carefully chosen for their in depth knowledge and expertise. 



We are passionate about integrating as many sustainable development goals as possible in our project. We believe in integrating solutions such as IBS (Integrated Building System), green technologies, and energy efficient systems where home owners are offered cost saving solutions whilst living in a healthier lifestyle. Our key driver are coherent planning of land use, investment in sustainable infrastructure, housing, and transport, as well as providing a holistic integrated rural urban ecosystem.



  • Leading partnerships to deliver high quality affordable housing and mix development that is a fundamental cornerstone of sustainable urban and economic growth
  • Development of sustainable housing is an integral part of ensuring that cities and communities mitigate the environment pollution, social negative impacts of overpopulation, burdening infrastructure, and so casting a shadow over our future.
  • The built environment and delivery of homes must be designed to integrate sustainability principles and so necessitates intelligent use of technology and execution systems dramatically reducing the overall cost including environmental externalities thereby future proofing its delivery.